Rishikesh Kumar

Mr Rishikesh Kumar, Founder & CEO at Xtraliving. He conceptualized Xtraliving as a conglomerate that offered wellness, physical fitness, and primary care. His vision was to create the most innovative integrated health platform. Rishikesh has a background in engineering, a knack for entrepreneurship, and experience across multiple domains. He took to fitness when he was in college and felt a yearning for the gym and a healthy regime. Rishikesh earned a B. Tech from NIT Bhopal and completed his MBA from K.J Somaiya in Mumbai. He has worked in Business Development and Business Management for 12 years. Throughout his professional career, he has been worked with market leaders including Trident, Idea, Nokia, Microsoft, and Xseed. Rishikesh is an awardee of the National Sales Achievement Award by Nokia and Microsoft. But his passion for training people was triggered when he observed his colleagues and people around him were unfit and faced numerous health problems. Hence almost three and a half year ago, he decided to leave the corporate sector to work in the fitness sector.