Ritam Gupta

Ritam Gupta, the CEO and Co-Founder of DeFi 11 has been an ardent technology enthusiast who has been actively indulged in digital innovation from 2013 onwards. In a brief stint of his career that has stretched over 7 years, he has been actively engaged in enterprise level development, management, delivery and innovations. His dedication towards technology and its variegated fabrics have helped him get associated with some of the key names in the tech domain like Deloitte EMEA Blockchain LAB, CareerBuilder Group and Bharti Airtel. Recently, Ritam went on an exploration and unearthed his problem solving and innovative character by conceptualizing, implementing and developing the DeFi 11 gaming platform that has been committed to make gaming transparent, fraud proof and technologically well equipped. Ritam has used blockchain technology to help upgrade UX and UI for a comprehensive gaming experience that everyone desires.