Ryan Communications

Ryan International Schools is a group of private K-12 educational institutions in India, founded in 1976 by Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto. With a keen interest in the sphere of quality education and a commitment to excellence, the group has grown and branched manifold over a span of 43 years.

The Ryan Group established its first school in Mumbai and is currently operating more than 135 schools in India. The group has also registered international footprints in several countries around the globe. 

Ryan International has grown into one of India's leading group of educational institutions through offering academic excellence to its students. This is facilitated by dedicated educators, trained to channelize their energy and resources towards child-centered qualitative learning.

The Group has ventured into International boundaries by establishing cordial relationships with institutions all around the world, collaborating with universities in USA, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Australia to facilitate learning across global boundaries.

Ryan International Group of Institutions has a centralized management body which presides over all of its schools. Unlike most Indian private school chains, Ryan International School doesn't follow a franchisee model and is arguably India’s largest private sector schools chain.

As of September 2017, Ryan International Group of Institutions employs more than 18,000 faculty members. Also, over 30,000 students pass from Ryan schools each year.