Sai Krishna VK

Sai Krishna VK is the Co-Founder of Scapic. Popularly known as an “accidental entrepreneur”, 26 year old, Sai Krishna VK, is a builder, tech geek and a whizz-kid who believes in the empowering nature of technology and consequently surpassed the idea of solipsism. Having an incessant urge to create, he has spent more than eight years building early-aged start-ups, operating at the trifecta of design, deep tech and product management. An alumni of Stanford University Graduate School of Business, he is also the recipient of the National Start-up Award. His journey took flight during his undergraduate days in Bangalore, where he previously founded ventures in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Educational Technology. Making an attempt to envision the future, Sai is the founder of Scapic, his recent venture that blurs the demarcating line between the real and the virtual.  Most Indians know about Artificial Intelligence but only a few are acquainted with the concept of Mixed Reality.  Blending the physical and the digital worlds, Scapic is a no-code platform for experiences having virtual reality (VR) and  augmented reality (AR) at its core and has been one of the pioneers in the WebXR space, providing users with a platform to create, share an explore VR/AR experiences from a web browser. Scapic brings with it some interesting capabilities on leveraging AR and 3D to do things like auto-generating lifestyle shots, videos, and placing products in Augmented Reality. Recently, Scapic- one of the first VR/AR tools in India to be built entirely on the cloud- was acquired by the Flipkart Group which is India’s largest ecommerce destination.  Post this acquisition, the co-founders started Cope Studios- a startup studio focused on building deep-tech (a startup company, with the expressed objective of providing technology solutions based on substantial scientific or engineering challenges) & the Metaverse (the concept of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces). Apart from start-ups, Sai Krishna VK is also an investor, mentor to start-ups in the field of design, storytelling and product-led growth, an active volunteer in social organizations, and an author who writes about technology, product management and productivity in the form of battle cards.