Samarth Agrawal

Samarth Agrawal is the CEO at MaxWholesale. An accomplished wall street trader turned entrepreneur, Samarth has been associated with large brands like American Express, Lehman Brothers and Societe Generale, where he led global teams in America, Europe and Asia. Automated trading systems developed by Samarth captured daily market share of 2.5% of New York Stock Exchange’s (NYSE) trading volume. A savvy programmer, Samarth is passionate about solving large problems with extraordinary impact at scale using technology as a crucible. True to his passion, in 2016 Samarth established MaxWholesale, an indigenous supply chain technology platform that is disrupting the supply chain industry, poised to affect more than 7 million kirana stores in India by providing unprecedented levels of speed and transparency to the fast-evolving space of B2B e-commerce.