Sandhya Tholi

I'm Sandhya Tholi , Founder & CEO of , i'm a travel junkie obsessed with adventure and have done my bit, have navigated through most promising and toughest terrains of the world. Has been part of a dozen treks, including a Mount Everest Base Camp expedition and looking forward to go down to the South Pole for a fortnight, to Antarctica March 2017 as part of International Antarctic Expedition 2017 which includes a ‘Leadership on the Edge’ programme where i would learn from global experts on climate change, sustainability and energy use. I have experienced myself adventure travel to Nallamalla Forest- 2009, Dandeli River Rafting Adventure – 2011, Kashmir backpack Adventure – March 2011,Maha Pacnhagani – April 2011, Om Beach Trek – August 2011,Everest Base Camp Trip – Oct 2011, Agumbe Exploration Trek- September 2012, Masinagudi Wild Adventure- June 2012, Sky Diving at Dhana – May 2013, Rajgad Torna Exploration Trek – August 2013, Scuba Diving Maldives – Jan 2014 ,Vietnam & Cambodia Backpack -June 2014.
  • 14th Dec 2016