Sankara Narayanan

Sankara Narayanan is the VP and Global Head of Cloud Engineering at Rakuten. Sankar comes with over 23 years of experience. He is specialized in Building web scale cloud applications and focused on building large scale enterprise products. He has extensive experience in scaling and building v1 products and scaling for growth markets. He has led the entire cloud and data platforms for Citrix, EMC and JP Morgan. At Citrix, he was responsible for the flagship workspace product line and the entire cloud transformation. He has also led successful startups to build products and grow into enterprises. He has been instrumental in driving the zero trust and cloud security architectures for cloud platforms and has enabled the customers to migrate to the cloud platform at scale. He specializes in building products and scaling business and growing teams globally. Being a global leader and having worked in 4 different countries he understands on managing talent and allowing autonomous teams globally to build products. He holds 21 patents in the areas of cloud, data and security.