Shajesh Menon

A marketing whiz and visionary leader, Shajesh Menon is the founder and CEO of Younion, a pioneering experiential marketing company. At Younion, established in 2010, Shajesh and his team bring brands closer to their audiences by creating human-centered marketing experiences using data and design. Under the leadership of Shajesh, Younion has successfully served several reputed global and Indian brands for thirteen years as a brand experience partner. In his close to three decades of diverse experience in Marketing and Brand management, Shajesh has helped brands like Google, Microsoft, Philips, Salesforce, AWS, Dell, HPE, Intel, Salesforce etc., connect, interact, and engage with their communities in the most unique and impactful ways. He has held different leadership roles before starting Younion. From foot-on-ground sales, to media and space selling, Shajesh is still doing his best to create a value-centric space in marketing. A postgraduate in marketing, Shajesh is a visionary and a mentor to many young entrepreneurs. He believes that the solution to any problem lies within the problem. It only takes objectivity, relentlessness to challenge the status quo, question the convention and swim against the sea of sameness to find the solution. Shajesh is a self confessed conversationalist and champions the power of purpose. He lives for the drive and travels for food.