Shetanshu Dikshit
Media Strategist by profession & a singer by passion. Hailing from an orthodox middle class family & being academically brilliant was never meant to be an achievement; it was an “unquestionable-to-be-necessarily-fulfilled” condition. But we have been bestowed with the greatest motivator- curiosity. I found myself trying to be the all rounder the Indian cricket team so desperately needed back then. I made it to my school team, my college team, and it does seem now, that I might be just a bit too late in getting there. Someone once took a liking to my voice, which had just found maturity, and I found myself impersonating Kishore da on stage. I think I did a good job back then, as I found people still seated by the time I had finished. I had found my alternate career, at least that is what I thought, when someone again saw in me a potential debater. With presentations turning from love into obsession : I currently am working in a media firms helping brands crack strategic code & helping in giving them a truly inspiring brand identity !!
  • 6th Jun 2016
    Yours & Mine
  • 6th Jun 2016
    The Child In Me