Shiraz Ibrahim

Shiraz Ibrahim spearheads Transteel Seating Technologies, India’s #1 choice for quality furniture, as its Managing Director. An engineer by degree from the National Institute of Engineering, Mysore, Shiraz has been very keen on taking the family furniture business and taking it to new heights. After working for over 4 years with his father, Shiraz started Transteel Seating Technologies in 1995. He has encapsulated Transteel’s philosophy and DNA, thereby enhancing business processes, enabling innovation, and developing people within the organization. With a strong drive to achieve more, Shiraz has led Transteel to grow from the traditional B2B furniture business to a leading e-commerce player making it possible to reach the end consumers directly. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in planning various streamlining the business operation, collaborations, and partnerships with renowned multinational companies. Shiraz’s intense passion and enthusiasm for his work combined with visionary leadership and long-term thinking have been instrumental in positioning Transteel as India’s #1 choice for quality furniture and a leading furniture brand in India. Shiraz wishes to help the MSME and SME sector with his expertise by educating them about various aspects of digital marketing, e-commerce, and the concept of a marketplace. A believer in inclusive growth, he supports the view that the e-commerce platforms must complement mom and pops shop to grow with them. His interests lie in traveling and reading books. An avid reader, he reads around 8 to 10 books every month. History fascinates him, and he believes that one can learn a lot from history.