Shiraz Khan

Creativity takes courage – Henri Matisse

The quote above perhaps best describes Shiraz Khan, the Founder Director of Spicetree

Design Agency (SDA) Pvt. Ltd, and an ingenious professional with a rich blend of experience

and expertise. SDA specializes in web design and development, print designs, digital

marketing (SMM, SMO, SEO, Mailers, Retargeting), and brand identity and consultation for

products and services.

Shiraz formed the venture on 6 th June 2004; prior to this, he was the Vice President of Sales

and Marketing at a software developing company at SAIPL from 2000 to 2004. He rose up

the ladder in the internet age and started his career around 1990. He, has worked with

various firm like Aptech, TULEC & NIIT and then finally with SAIPL, post which he called it

quits to start his own venture SDA.

Even as he upheld a prime position, his passion for creativity and innovation ignited in him

the appetite to discover new paths for progress. As he strove to feed his hunger for

creativity and innovation, marketing seemed a perfect fit. Inspired by the perspective to

beckon growth not just for himself but for all that associated with him, he embarked on a

journey of his own.

Shiraz conceived the brand – SDA and he plays a big role in making the brand successful.

What started off as humble beginnings are now two lavish offices in the heart of Mumbai’s

suburbs! SDA has today reached a point where their decade long clientele consult Shiraz for

his expert opinions before they undertake a project for expansion and launch of their new

products and services.

Under his able leadership, SDA has effectively broadened its horizons from graphic

designing to the realm of digital marketing -- with the philosophy of complementing

creatives with science intact to date.

Shiraz harbours a mindset that is result-driven, he considers every day as an opportunity to

scale the heights of success even further.