Shivendra Singh

An IIM Ahmedabad Alumni with over 10 years of work experience in Business Strategies & Supply Chain Management, Mr. Shivendra, founder Barton Breeze, worked with the Landmark Group in Dubai after graduating from IIM Ahmedabad started working on a pilot project around hydroponics and set up two hydroponic container farms in UAE.   With a unique understanding of evolving controlled sustainable technology and modern farming techniques with cross-industry experience, Mr. Shivendra started AI based Hydroponic company with one indoor farm in Dubai and within space of just 3 years has expanded our footprints into 3 countries with more than 350,000 Sq ft of Hydroponic farm, producing more than 11,50,000 kilos of ‘clean food’ to its customers throughout the year, without being affected by the changing seasons.   Shivendra now builds urban farms, that helps build client’s business with a mission to bring technology innovation in farming sector.