Shreesh Shankar

I lead a team of motivated individuals at the six-year-old branch of Sukkrish Aadds I started in Bengaluru. Together, we’re passionately paving the best paths for brands to not just grab the eyeballs but also take over the minds of their target audience. A mingling that has made us adept at working with game-changing business thinkers. We use novel thought and design as management tools for solving business problems. We strive to create multi-dimensional interests in the audiences through new-age Branding, designing and communication strategies. My faith in creative design solutions that make a difference underlines our brand design consultancy's work. Nine years of personal experience in working with a diverse business clientele in B2B and B2C segments including FMCG, F&B, hospitality, sports, e-commerce, flavour industries, fashion, real estate and mining, etc, have laid a strong foundation in understanding what works best for scale and maximum impact for different sectors.