Shripriya Khaitan Dhelia

Shripriya Khaitan Dhelia is a graduate from London College of Fashion and is a flourishing fashion designer.She is the the co-founder of FabPad, a startup that is creating eco-friendly alternatives for sustainable menstruation.Based in Kolkata, the startup currently has four products in their sustainable menstrual range - cloth pads, menstrual cups, panty liners and the newly introduced period panties. In addition to creating a positive impact on the planet, FabPad is also working towards empowering women from low-income communities. Through their ‘Project Padma’, FabPad partners with women from disadvantaged backgrounds to stitch and sell cloth pads. For every 25 pads sold, FabPad donates 1 pad to economically disadvantaged girls. They also partner with like-minded NGOs to organise workshops on Menstrual Health with a goal to encourage open conversations around menstruation through awareness and education. Through Project Padma, FabPad has till date distributed 5000 sanitary pads and empowered 5000+ women.