Parvinder Baweja, Founder- KeyVendors

Mr. Parvinder Baweja is a simple and jolly person having a normal education. He is an undergraduate and doesn’t hesitate to tell his qualification because he believes that being not a highly educated person cannot be obstacles to move forward in life. In his quote he says “Wherever you see in life, whether it is out sight, you can achieve it, if you the right guidance, determination, passion”. Being a stubborn, he got so many offers of funding from outside and there were many big industry’s giants who were interested in investing in his firm, but Mr. Baweja feels that if the company is funded, then the management, creative decision, operational strategy, marketing tactics can be out of his hand. He has solely established this organization, it shows that he is a self-made person so he want to explore the business in the globe through his excellence, strength and teamwork. As far as hobbies concerned, Mr. Baweja is fond of Biking, traveling, meditation and chess.