Sudarshan Suchi

Sudarshan Suchi is Bal Raksha Bharat’s Chief Executive Officer. He is a seasoned civil society leader and an authority in Participatory Practices to empower communities to lead transformation. He has rich local & global experience in academics, development, and in the corporate environment. An alumnus of St. Stephens College, Delhi University, and Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Sussex, UK, Sudarshan is a leading development professional, with exceptional strength in conceptualising development-based programs and business models, efficient resource mobilisation, instituting partnerships, and effecting collaboration towards issues that impact children’s access to basic human rights. A few that stand out among his myriad professional achievements are Successful advocacy for reforms in cooperative laws and the Producer Company Act Enactment; turn-around of AP Dairy cooperatives; launching of the largest Bio-Diesel cultivation initiatives in India; and executing of one of the largest rural transformation initiatives – ‘bij’ as a corporate CSR initiative. Sudarshan’s journey is an outstanding amalgamation of grassroots implementation experience at the micro level & perspective-building and strategic thinking at the macro level.