Sudhir Naidu

Sudhir Naidu is the founder and director of Troop Messenger, having acquired 17+ years of experience in the industry moved on to formulate a new dynamic product named Troop Messenger. Having scaled the journey of graduating from ICFAI and having worked for large enterprises like CitiBank and AT&T, he started his own company “Tvisha Technologies Pvt Ltd.” in India, leveraging systems integration and network Consultancy Company in the endeavour to help enterprises build their digital workplace where there is intensive IT and SW development. The plethora of experience gained throughout his career accompanied with the inquisitiveness to make a change in the existing communication cycle in workplace, the founder synergized all his energies in the genesis of a breakthrough platform which solved all the workplace concerns. With the foresightedness to create a tool coming with an entourage of one-stop solution serving the purpose of catering the needs of workplace team, Troop Messenger came into existence showcasing the calibre of the founder as it provides instant messaging, conferencing, productivity tools where screen sharing, project scheduling is also facilitated. Moreover, coming with a third-party product app integrator with multi-task functionality depicts the intelligentsia in his personality. His wisdom is truly portrayed through the responsibility invested in him where he shoulders the duties of charting out long term objectives alongside governing day-to-day affairs of implementing company policies as the head of the organization. Always surrounded by enthusiastic vigour to discover new horizon of possibilities disrupting the existing limitations, he continuously was motivated to decipher things unimaginable. He grew up with the notion of pushing the boundaries having belief that there is answer to everything in this world. Giving an insight on his undertaken initiative, Sudhir Naidu said, “Through Troop Messenger I intend to develop an integrated and unified communication platform for business and government, aiding in seamless exchange of data and documents while keeping them well informed in the swiftest, safest and secure environment.”