Sumit Saxena

Sumit Saxena is the CEO at Merren. Sumit comes with a power packed background in business and strategy consulting across multiple verticals – marketing, human resources, finance and communications. He manifests great leadership qualities and believes in delivering more than the mandate asks for. With expertise in interacting with diversified stakeholders across the value chain, he is also well versed in specialist functions like analytics, consumer research, ERP and marketing. He has worked across industries with brands like GE, Siemens, Vodafone, Raymonds, Zee, Disney, Sony, Economic Times, RPG Group, Emami as well as on government projects With nearly two decades of experience in market research, strategy consulting and business development, Sumit has also established himself as an entrepreneur. He developed Merren, the world's first end-to-end platform for messaging-app based surveys, as well as Sheevi, India’s first ad/promo campaign tracking solution using audio content recognition technology. His companies include Merren, Pixights Consulting and Inxise Datalabs. Sumit strives to be an efficacious listener and takes a solution-oriented approach to business. He is keenly interested in sports ,actively plays cricket and tennis and has acted in many commercial theatre productions, as well.