Suparna Gupta

Suparna Gupta is the founder of Aangan, a non profit that works on child safety in vulnerable districts which are known to have a high incidence of child harm or exploitation - like child marriage, child labor or trafficking, and operates districts across Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Bengal, Odisha, Maharashtra and Jharkhand. In the past, Gupta started a program to monitor conditions and care for child harm survivors in government-funded shelter/rescue homes, This was India's first standards of care assessment system, which was introduced by state authorities in six hundred rescue/shelter homes across the country. Gupta also co-authored reports Changing Spaces and A Real Opportunity for Change about institutionalised children and ground level staff. In 2014, she designed a child harm prevention program for districts where the incidence of child harm is high. Suparna is an Ashoka fellow and an Edward S Mason fellow from Harvard Kennedy School.