Surajit Das

Surajit Das is the Founder and CEO at Routematic, India’s leading Fleet Service and Transport Automation Software provider. With over 16 years of experience at the intersection of business and technology, Surajit drives immense value to the company in terms of ideation and execution. At Routematic, Surajit oversees the creation of a strategic roadmap for the growth of the company while managing investor relations and handling day-to-day execution of tasks within the organization. With a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Mumbai University, Surajit went on to complete his Post Graduation in Information Technology from IIT-Bangalore. He further pursued an MBA in Finance & Marketing from ISB Hyderabad. Surajit started his career at General Electric. While working at the organization, he gained valuable experience in designing products based on end-user perspective with respect to pricing and market size. He then went on to work at Wipro, where he worked closely with startups in North America and received the opportunity to interact with industry moguls such as Dr. Eslambolchi Hossein, such as ex-CTO of AT&T.