Suraj Punjabi

About Edviseme:

Founder: Suraj Punjabi


Funds: Self Funded

Founded in: September, 2019 

Confused on what to study and where to study? When it comes to finding the best institute or coaching classes is where you find the best in the best price. is a education aggregating platform that connects students to the best coaching institute in the vicinity by bringing together the best educational and coaching institute under one platform.

You can find coaching institutes near you. Edviseme helps you to find the best coaching institute in MBA, CA,International Education, Media Courses etc

Every nook of any Indian city is crowded with Coaching Centers, Study Centers, Institutes, Home Tutors struggling to take students and turning them into next IAS, JEE or NEET aspirants. And every student is unique in his own way of studying, understanding, with his/her distinctive goals & dreams.