Swapnil Dharmadhikari

As the Technology director of his own start-up Splashgain, since 2009, Swapnil has around 15 years of extensive experience in the fields of design, development, and management of large scale Information Technology (IT) projects. His area of expertise is software prototyping, scalable web architecture, cloud computing and information security.


Swapnil is working on advanced innovation with AI-driven assessments, remote proctoring with intelligent face recognition, onscreen evaluations for education and corporate sectors. He has also developed a technology process in the patent field. The education domain is one of Swapnil’s goals to try and simplify & amplify institutes with technology.


Swapnil completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune University, in June 2004. He is an MBA graduate from S. P. Jain School of Global Management, Singapore.


He is passionate about reading various books on management, self-help, motivation, spirituality. He has written articles, blogs related to education and technology on various portals focused on education and technology domain. He is also the host of the podcast related to education technology. Swapnil is also running youtube channel which is focused on education and technology trends.