Swarup Bose

Swarup Bose is the Founder and CEO of Celcius. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Application. Combined with his 16+ years of experience in the logistics and supply chain sector, he aims to bridge the systemic gaps and address challenges plaguing the industry through effective tech adoption to create a seamless, unbroken cold supply chain network. Swarup’s vision for Celcius took shape during the nationwide lockdown in March 2020. The unavailability of staff and coordination errors between the shippers and transporters created chaos in transporting essential commodities across the country. Considering the sustained demand for contactless deliveries and anticipating the need for a robust and seamless cold chain to aid the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, Swarup, already in the cold chain business, and his team, came together to create a paradigm shift with Celcius. He has been recognised as the ‘ET Aspiring Indian’ for Innovation in Technology Logistics Supply Chain, and Economic Times Promising Entrepreneurs of India 2021, among others.