Tapan Barman

Tapan Barman is the Co-founder and CEO of Mihup, a leading conversational AI platform founded in 2016. The company uses AI to empower humans with the ability to seamlessly interact with the digital world around them. Mihup’s mission is to make technology inclusive and accessible to all regardless of their language, accent or dialect. Tapan leads the general management, sales and product portfolios. He has over 14 years of experience in building world class products and is passionate about sales. Tapan always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. Despite getting a coveted job opportunity with a public sector entity, Tapan embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. His first venture was Nectar Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., a firm that he co-founded in 2008 with Biplab Chakraborty who is also the co-founder of Mihup. At Nectar, Tapan scaled up the consulting business by supporting IT initiatives at several large enterprises such as Balmer Lawrie, Coal India Ltd, CESC, NALCO, Sharchi Group, SREI, Hindustan Copper, INX Media etc. He also forged a high-value partner network with Oracle, PWC, IBM, Sybase and Novell. Tapan co-founded Mihup with Biplab Chakraborty and Sandipan Chattopadhyay. His vision is to make Mihup the most reliable and accurate voice interface for billions of users in the future and considers winning the trust of clients, investors and the end-users as a highly coveted recognition for the brand. In the ‘Citizen Voice Challenge’ organized by MyGov, Mihup bagged the first prize. The start-up is already making rounds in the international tech circle with Bloomberg placing it in the list of World’s 50 Most Promising Start-Ups. Tapan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from the West Bengal University of Technology. He likes to meditate during his free time.