Tarun Nazare

Tarun Nazare is the Co-Founder and CEO at Neokred. An adroit and experienced entrepreneur, Tarun Nazare is an enthusiast who derives energy from the immense opportunities superabundant in the fields of Finance, Information technology and Fin-tech. Fascinated about the intricacies involved in running a company and the hard work and dedication it demands, Tarun Co-Founded Neokred Technologies Pvt Ltd in December 2019, which became successfully functional by June 2020. An alum of Jain University and a Data Scientist from IIM-K, Tarun, 27, has worked as a Product Management Professional from Duke CE. With the recognition of lack of ready technology, tedious compliance and plug and play providers in the market came the willingness to build frictionless Bank-tech that brought the idea of Neokred into existence. Neokred is an Open Banking Stack which provides curated versions of issuance and acquiring side in the payment ecosystem. Neokred is a a FinTech infrastructure company that empowers corporates, fintechs and start-ups to pioneer their own banking services with the help of modified tools. Aiming to democratize banking infrastructure by lubricating its interior processes, Neokred, with its technological propensity bridges companies and employees through its new-age API banking account offerings. Tarun believes that Open Banking is entering into the new era of collaboration and open APIs, an opportunity that can turn any company into Fintech and thereby provide their customers and employees with specialised and curated banking solutions, including best financial products and services. NeoKred helps the clients with cards, loyalty engines and expense management solutions altogether. With Neokred, Tarun and his partner Rohith Reji aim to help corporates and start-ups launch as well as scale up the Fin-tech feature customised for diversified use such as - Salary, Meal, Incentive, Retail, Gift, Student Card, Loan Card (like a credit card), etc. Not long ago, Tarun formed a strategic alliance with Yes Bank for issuing NeoKred’s prepaid card. The Neobank relies on Yes’s bank licenses and infrastructure to issue cards to their clients/customers.