Prateek Kumar

Prateek started his entrepreneurial journey by founding NeoNiche, which is India’s fastest growing marketing agency with diverse portfolio. Known for his sharp business acumen and an eye for detail, Prateek has led NeoNiche from one milestone to another and today the organization is recognized as one of the most innovative enterprises in the country. NeoNiche, India’s fastest growing marketing agency with diverse portfolio, was launched in the year 2011. With more than 500 clients and over 8000 success stories to its credit, NeoNiche has emerged as the premier marketing partner, and the first business of its kind across the country. Idea-driven, Innovation-focused and Insightful, these core qualities became the DNA and driving force of the organization. Besides his operational roles, Prateek is passionate about entrepreneurship & innovation and is well regarded for his understanding and views of the same. His first successful ‘campaign’ was back in the 7th standard for his ‘client’, a friend running a fire-cracker stall during Diwali. Their full return on investment was a staggering 800%. It has been almost 25 years to the day and the young boy’s enthusiasm, passion and entrepreneurial bugs have only been biting harder. After starting his career in hospitality and hotel management, he actively participated in the growth stories of several start-up event agencies. This gave him tremendous on-ground exposure and hands-on learning. Driven by passion, Prateek’s versatility and adaptability, people-skills and big-picture view-point make him the leader that he is. His greatest strength is the ability to pick the right person for the right job, create self-sustaining and profitable ventures and then stepping aside to let the new leaders take the baton.