Vaishali Samanta

In a career spanning over two decades, Vaishali Samanta has a unique and rich cross sectoral experience across private organisations, Government of India as well as the social impact space. Currently, she is the COO of Veddis Foundation, a grant making organisation working at the intersection of tech, policy, and social impact. Veddis also works with governments and other philanthropic organizations to improve governance and ensure effective public service delivery to create irreversible impact at-scale. Previously, Vaishali was working with the Ministry of External Affairs, in a government-led Indian diaspora engagement initiative to facilitate philanthropic propensities of overseas Indians and overseas Indian CSR into government's priority areas. Her team was able to build and nurture government partnerships across 17 states, and ensure that partner programs influenced and contributed to the government's policy agenda. She is deeply interested in building of credible evidence, process pathways for change and long term measurable impact on the ground.