Varsha Vadhyar Agnihotri

I am Varsha Vadhyar Agnihotri- CO-Founder, I’m a regular girl who was Footloose just a few years ago. Today I am a wife and a mother and I am Footloose No More! Always fascinated with people and relationships, I finally found my calling at Footloose No More. During this journey I found that what I understand best is feelings, dreams, hopes and people! All my life, I have found inspiration in people and the pursuit of happiness! The journey so far has been inspiring, full of hope and above all fun, and thank God for that, because if it isn’t fun, I’m not doing it! So join in the fun while you travel the road in search of your rainbow. And if you see me charging towards you at an event, don’t get alarmed...I’ll just be slightly politically incorrect, give you gyan and be gone in search of the next person who needs hand holding. Currently working on my book on relationships called, “Everyone’s favourite four letter word – LOVE” Footloose No More is the ORIGINAL concept started in India in 2009 by the brother sister duo of Abhishek&Varsha (Yeah those are our names). We had no business plan or any great foresight to starting it and it was pure fate and a very personal need that gave birth to Footloose No More at 2 am one rainy August night. Today, Footloose No More still stands out as a place which is synonymous with SAFETY and QUALITY while holding on to its core belief... which is .. "Making the route to marriage SUPER FUN.. coz that's the way it should be"!