Varun Khanna

Varun Khanna is a serial entrepreneur and an avid enthusiast of all things science. He started his first company, Fullife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. at the age of 23 with the sole purpose to focus on healthy living. As he said in an interview, ‘Waiting for someone to fall sick is not the way I wanted to look at healthcare. Thus, the idea of Fullife was born where we believe that prevention is the cure and helping people live life to the fullest is our motto.’  While paving his way towards Fast&Up, he was instrumental in forming Fullife as India’s largest effervescent manufacturer, also acquiring assets in Europe and converting them into profitable entities. A relentless passion to do something innovative for the millennial need for an active life drove him to launch India’s first effervescent intelligent nutrition brand for sports and active living - Fast&Up in 2015. He envisions Fast&Up to be the country’s first choice brand for active people all around the country. Currently, he leads the international business while also being the driving force for the active side of Fast&Up.  Varun believes there is a huge scope for millennial oriented products. One of his many roles for the brand are strategy and growth of products. He looks forward to introducing innovative products that will add value to people in different aspects of their life.  Varun has graduated with majors in Biotechnology from the University of Leeds, UK, and is focused on being a successful entrepreneur while also being an active mentor to budding entrepreneurs. He is also interested in investing in companies which have novel products that bring in some differentiation or disruption in the current market. Apart from being passionate about work, traveling is his second passion along with working on preserving the environment. Varun believes that movement is life and hence an active lifestyle is of immense importance to him. He loves trying different forms of fitness, is an avid yogi and believes a good workout (in any form of fitness one is comfortable) is the key to a productive day.