Vick Rana

Vick Rana is an unparalled entrepreneur and is the Group Chairman of Red Ridge Global Limited, which is one of the largest arts and crafts supplier in Asia. Vick had started Red Ridge with just some dollars at his dispense and today the enterprise is valued at over half a billion dollars. For Vick, business has been his life and is the driving force behind the company. Starting off his business initially in China, Vick has now successfully opened his showrooms and factories in USA, Canada, India, Singapore, Hongkong, Shanghai and Ningbo. He has been serving some of the biggest market players which include Disney, Pay-Doh, Marvel Avengers, Hello Kitty, Paw Patrol and the list is never ending. His flagship brand SK’OODLE provides a full range of art supplies, craft materials, and eco‑friendly stationery for children in India. His passion for business and the zeal to make the lives of children better have been the major driving forces behind his success. He is truly a living example of how sheer perseverance and hard work can make you a global leader in what you do. Vick is known to be a “Tough” business negotiator but has an equally kind heart. He believes that children are the future and everyone should work towards making the future bright. His philanthropic activities are also worth mentioning. He has taken care of several charities in China in the last decade and have supported many schools and children in need. His vision is to make luxury toys available even to the lowest rung of society. On the 60th Anniversary of China, Rana was stated in the top 500 entrepreneurs who largely contributed to the country. Known for being a man of his words, he has never been short of exploring opportunities. When it comes to de-stressing, Rana who is very passionate about cars, bikes and Formula 1, takes out his Harley Davidson, puts on music and rides till sunset.