Vidhu Goyal

An entrepreneur by choice, I have always wanted to make a learning difference in the lives of people through technology. With this primary objective in mind I have promoted a start-up in the field of learning & knowledge called The primary motivation for me to set up this venture was to make an effort to ensure that access to quality, affordable & world class learning was not limited to a selected few but to each & every learner in India and the world. MyEdge introduces the concept of a Social Learning Platform (SLP) to connect students, parents, teachers & professionals with academic interests from all parts of the world for seamless sharing & integration of knowledge. MyEdge has developed some innovative tools using technology such as Virtual Classroom, Virtual Library (LIVErary) and soon to be launched mobile app called WONK to support our members in their quest to achieve excellence. Please feel free to write to me at vidhu.go[email protected] to learn more about the venture. I also invite you to visit us at An MBA from IMT Ghaziabad; I have an experience of 9 years in Strategy domain prior to my above entrepreneurial venture, MyEdge.