Vikas Bagaria

Vikas Bagaria is the Founder of Pee Safe, a leading personal hygiene and wellness brand. With over 24 years of extensive business experience, Vikas is a serial entrepreneur with popular brands like SafetyKart to his name. He has also been the Founder and Director for SRV Damage Preventions Pvt. Ltd - A conditional based monitoring business into Aero-space, Defense and Power Transformers. His journey began when there was no such thing as a ‘start-up’. As India entered the e-commerce and start-up revolution, Vikas’ mind was set on designing a business with a larger, more compelling purpose. Kolkata born Vikas started out with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from St. Xavier’s College and an MCA degree in Electronics from Jadavpur University, both in Kolkata. Hailing from a business-oriented family, Vikas was able to hone his innate entrepreneurial and team building skills. Vikas’ keen business acumen and exceptional vision gave birth to SafetyKart, India’s first safety-focused e-commerce business dealing in categories including Personal safety, Women & child safety, Travel safety, Home & Office safety, Sports & Adventure safety and Protective cases & cover. The inspiration for Pee Safe came to him during a family road trip, when Vikas’ wife Srijana contracted a urinary tract infection from using a public washroom. This incident not only ended the trip but also began a new chapter in his entrepreneurial life; setting out to solve a common problem every woman faced at some point in her life. Conceptualized, designed and developed under Vikas’ patronage, this toilet seat sanitizer spray was launched in 2013, to excellent reviews. Vikas’ vision is driven by the objective of making life easier for millions of women through innovation for more essential products they need. His mantra for success is timely action coupled with hard work and persistence, identifying relevant opportunities and then expending full efforts to making them a success. As a mentor and investor, he has been involved with several businesses including WittyFeed, Innov8, EdgeFX, Asadel Tech and Coutloot.