Vimal Prakash

Vimal Prakash is the Founder and CEO of Cartula Health India & Director at Cartula International. Cartula Health India Pvt Ltd was incepted in 2019, in collaboration with Cartula International. Since its outset, it has been our objective to bridge the gap in health care access across India, to create a more just and equitable society in which everyone can obtain quality health care. Vimal’s involvement with Cartula is in many ways a natural progression, merging and expressing both my entrepreneurial skills and philanthropic ambitions. With his business skills and commitment to bettering society, Cartula Health India is already making big strides and is transforming the Indian health care ecosystem. Within the first few months of its inception, Cartula Health India has already rolled out the Cartula Janani app, obtaining more than 2,00,000 plus users, giving thousands of Indians access to quality health care and empowering women as they embrace motherhood. Vimal is also the Founder of Global Trader based in Australia. He moved to Australia in 2003, spending much of those early formative years working in the electrical industry and understanding the works of it. In 2006, he set up my first factory in Sydney, under the name Global Traders, to engage in electrical manufacturing and the electronic assembly business. Within two short years, with the help of our highly qualified staff, he was able to grow and expand this maiden enterprise, setting up yet another factory in Perth. By 2010, Global Trader was more than a local enterprise, and included four factories spread across Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. Global Traders was now doing business with international and domestic clients, including brands such as Sharp corporation, LG, Samsung, Bosch Siemens and Fuji, among others. Since 2010, he has continued to grow the business, while also exploring new horizons. He established a foundry in Jamnagar, India, providing employment to over 250 workers, and producing auto parts valued at 5M USD that are shipped to Australia and New Zealand.
In addition to pioneering various business and industrial ventures, he is also an investor, with stakes in the real estate, tourism, hospitality, and health care sectors in India and Australia.