Vineet Kumar

Globally recognised as an expert in cyber security and social entrepreneurship, Major Vineet Kumar has made exceptional contributions to Internet governance, cyberpeace, and cybersecurity aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a result of his dedication to national development, he received the prestigious National Youth Award for 2014-2015. His introduction to cybersecurity began with the creation of the National Anti-Hacking Group (NAG) in 2003, a pioneering organisation combating cybercrime. His educational background includes Cyber Defence and Information Assurance at Cranfield University, UK, and leadership training at Cambridge University. With experience spanning over two decades, Vineet has held crucial roles such as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and led the state government agency, Cyber Defense Research Centre (CDRC) for the Government of Jharkhand, launching numerous statewide cybersecurity initiatives. As the Founder and Global President of the CyberPeace, Vineet envisions a secure cyberspace and actively participates in knowledge-sharing initiatives. He's a member of forums like the "Cyber Security Task Force of NASSCOM-DSCI" and advises government agencies, UN bodies, NGOs, and universities. Vineet has garnered a remarkable tally of 8 international awards and 17 national awards, including the prestigious Young Achiever Award and the esteemed NASSCOM-DSCI Excellence Award, a testament to his unwavering commitment to CyberPeace and his leadership in safeguarding the digital world through global cooperation.