Yugandhar Penubolu

Author of the "The Transformational Lens", a people and performance management book and a mentor to many aspiring leaders, Yugandhar Penubolu is also the founder and CEO of Winzard Solutions Private Limited, which is a B2B Strategic HR firm. Winzards' SaaS platform offers modules that cater to talent and performance development. Winzard also runs workshops and consults to improve workforce experience and organizational capability. Yugandhar has 20+ years of experience being associated with reputed banks, NBFCs and the broadband industry. His stints in various leadership and operational roles has made him that most of the current market tools lack sufficient focus on the method that needs to be adopted by employees and the right mentoring required in the journey of goal achievement. Hence, he established Winzard. He yearned to make people unlock their true potential with creative confidence and is convinced that a key driver for growth is empowerment.