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The Most Economical & Quality Herbal/Divine Products in India.
Basic Information
Aalayam Selveer YouTube Channel was started by 2 friends/Professionals in the year 2018. From YouTube, it slowly became an E commerce Company The brand MaPa Solutions operates under the brand name Aalayam Selveer. Their purpose is to become the market place for traditional products while connecting small farmers and small artisans of Tamilnadu. What makes them unique They only have the traditional mode of business odels like Poombuhaar as of now. With their Community of 1.26 Mn loyal followers created through content, they can leverage the same to help artisans and market their products directly to consumers. Their products can cater to the many people who value traditional knowledge and traditional products for Herbal and Divine Segment.
Legal Name
MaPa Solutions
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Founding Date
Core Team
Madhan P
Parameswaran J