Enabling better health choices via environmental intelligence
Environmental intelligence startup Ambee provides real-time information on hyperlocal air quality. The global air-quality forecast market is estimated to be at $6 billion by 2021 and Ambee is targeting that market by providing environment data, such as temperature, humidity, UV, wind-speed, and air pollution recommendations to businesses. The Indian government has placed sensors to measure air quality across the cities. The World Health Organisation recommends a sensor every square kilometre to accurately measure air quality, an economically non-feasible option. If an individual tries to look up the air quality where they reside, the nearest sensor maybe 15 kilometres away. Ambee is trying to solve that problem. Ambee has built a hybrid model of open data sources and its own IoT (Internet of Things) sensor network. For every open data source, it verifies with its own IoT networks. Those sensors are, in turn, verified by colocation with a bunch of government data across the world. Ambee takes care of hyperlocal data to ensure that its measurements are separately benchmarked. Ambee was accelerated by TechStars, startup accelerator and investor in Uber, SendGrid, DigitalOcean, and PillPack. The startup's data is a total of three years of evaluation, research, data aggregation, and training artificial neural networks. It sells its data analytics to businesses.
  • Technology
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    21 to 40
    Mar 2017


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    Bengaluru-based Ambee makes hyperlocal air-quality data accessible to developers, consumers, health researchers and media houses. The startup claims to have the 'largest and most accurate' air quality data in Asia. Its sensors are EPA-benchmarked and pass the tests of accuracy and calibration. Ambee provides real-time data regarding the air quality under 300 milliseconds. Ambee’s website provides users with air quality measurements. By analysing the air quality data history, users can determine factors like which is the best route to cycle to work, etc. Ambee is, thus, on a mission to improve the health and quality of life by creating data that is dependable, insightful, and actionable. Ambee raised two rounds in FY2019 – a venture round from Debri Foundation and angel round from Vrinda KR and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Aishwarya invested a little more than Rs 1 crore in the startup. Ambee is also backed by US-based startup accelerator TechStars. It was a part of Google’s Launchpad. It has set up a sensor network across India and they have the largest private sensor network ever. Ambee has received inbound interest from a couple of investors and is exploring investment opportunities. According to Co-founder Akshay Joshi, Ambee is also planning to expand its offerings outside India soon. Ambee is also in the process of building a massive environmental engine – a platform where data would be available for anyone, including media houses, researchers, corporations, among more.


    Funding Rounds and Investors
    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Vrinda K R
    Jul 2019
    Derbi Foundation, Venture Catalysts
    Jan 2019
    Venture Catalysts
    Dec 2018