Cool The Globe is a citizen-led platform for climate action.

Basic Information

Cool The Globe is an app and a movement for climate action. The app helps individuals reduce their GHG emissions to a target. In the app, users can see and record the emissions they saved with simple day to day climate actions. The app shows the savings made by all users combined in real-time. The app hosts 15,000+ citizens from over 55 countries, who have come together to take action on climate change. In the app, users are given monthly and annual targets for reducing their GHG emissions based on their consumption. Users can record savings of kg Co2 Eq of GHG emissions by their simple day to day climate actions and keep track of their progress. The app also creates a community to motivate consistent actions by showing the collective impact made by the savings of all app users. They aim to help organisations create real-time metres to avoid GHG emissions to a target. They plan to integrate communities, automation within the app to motivate people for climate action. See more



Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Prachi Shevgaonkar

Founder and CEO