Defy Aerospace is a manufacturer and researcher of different types of drone solutions.

Basic Information

Defy Aerospace is an R&D, manufacturing and operations company introducing state of the art drone technology as its first suite of products that is rooted in the idea of protecting human lives. Their services can help the communities in rural and tribal ecosystem as well as assist businesses to significantly save time, cost and deploying human resource in dangerous areas for inspection. Their first product named Birdy FW is a flagship product with a unique first of its kind fixed wing transition drone. Birdy FW holds a special cargo bay with a payload of 15kgs or approximately 20 litres of blood or 200 vial of vaccines. Birdy M is a modular multicopter. It is fast and safe. Birdy M holds a cargo with payload of 10kgs or 8 litres of blood or 80 vials of vaccines. Solfox is a modular multicopter. Solfox can be fitted with LiDAR, thermal imaging camera, high resolution optical zoom with a capable HD camera and can fly up to 35kms. Surveillance, mapping, gas leak detection can be some use cases for Solfox. See more

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Defy Aerospace Pvt. Ltd.



Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

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Samriddhi Pandey


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