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The Longest Range Delivery Electric Bikes In The World With Swappable Battery Technology.
Basic Information
We are Eco Way, a company based in Dubai, UAE. Our main objective is to provide transportation services for food delivery and small parcels, utilizing renewable energy sources and a rapid battery replacement system. This endeavor is aimed at preserving the environment, reducing noise levels in the city, optimizing b2b models and diversifying the UAE's economy. Our company has developed electric scooters that are specifically designed for food and parcel delivery services. To optimize the efficiency of our delivery operations, we propose to use a battery swap stations as an alternative to conventional charging methods. This would allow us to replace depleted batteries with fully charged ones within approximately one minute, rather than waiting for a full charge that can take up to four hours.
Legal Name
Eco Way
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Business Model
B2C,  B2B,  B2B2C  
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Core Team
Ivan Kroshnyi