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Identy is providing Patented AI Powered Identity Verification.
Basic Information
Headquartered in Dover – US and Bengaluru – India, IDENTY is becoming a reference in the world of identity assertion through the use of mobile touchless biometrics. They believe in multi-factor authentication, while envisioning the need to replace traditional user verification methods such as passwords, tokens, OTP, etc. that don’t guarantee identity at all. They work with institutions to guarantee identity around their business processes with the use of touchless biometrics from users’ mobile devices. Liveness is ensured all around the remote authentication journey, while making usability a differentiation.
Legal Name
Touchless ID Pvt Ltd
Dover, Delaware, United States of America
Business Model
Founding Date
No. of Employees
11 to 20
Core Team
Antony Vendhan
Co-Founder & Director
Tech30 Pitch


Product Launch

May | Product Launch

We launched our Finger AI mobile SDK v 1.0 for Android platform. The SDK allows the customers to capture the fingers using mobile phone camera and extract the finger prints. The product worked and it was so exciting.


Started Generating Revenue

Jan | Started Generating Revenue

Our first paying customer is Dept of Motor Vehicle, Columbia. We work with a local SI. They needed the product so much that they waited for 6 months to go live with our product. They paid for 2019 annual subscription, 2020 annual subscription.


Strategic Partnership

Apr | Strategic Partnership

We became partners to one of the largest SIs in the world. We are already working on 4 projects with them in S.America and we hope to generate a million $ revenue from this partner in S.America in 2021.

Key Revenue Milestone

Jun | Key Revenue Milestone

We got our first million $ customer. It is a 5 year contract and we received the first trench of the revenue. This is a huge validation to the product.

Revenue Stream
Target Market
Any business that needs to verify their customer identity remotely (eKYC transactions).
Client Segment
FinTech,  Government & Military,  Insurance,  Security  
Target Companies
Medium Enterprise,  Large Enterprise  
Target Geography