Jidoka Technologies is delivering automation of visual inspection, retaining the power of human intelligence, to enhance quality and efficiency.

Basic Information

Chennai, Tamil Nadu based Jidoka Technologies, a principle which advocates “intelligent automation”, is at the heart of their products where they combine Artificial Intelligence with Industry Automation and Machine Vision to deliver cutting edge solutions. They specialize in automating detection of visual defects – a process that is highly subjective by nature across industries. Their AI defect detection and analytics software – Kompass can be integrated with a variety of automation. Their Expertise: Deep Learning - A subset of Machine Learning in AI, they teach machines to learn by example. Ability to teach the variations in the visual nature of the components and defects and to handle drifts in the processes; Machine Vision - Getting the perfect imaging for any application and using image processing techniques to best augment AI is at the core of their solutions; Inline/Standalone Automation - They provide turnkey end to end solutions designing, building and integrating any automation required for the project; Integration - They can integrate their software with existing cameras for machine vision or they can integrate their software and cameras with available automation; Analytics - Cutting edge AI-driven analytics to aid root cause analysis to solve for the defect occurrences and live monitoring and report generation functionalities; Customer Experience - Well defined implementation process to go from a ‘proof of concept’ to production and patented algorithms and workflow. They also offer software as a subscription. See more

Legal Name


Jidoka Technologies Pvt Ltd



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Sekar Udayamurthy

Co Founder and CEO


Krishna Iyengar

Co Founder and CTO


Vinodh Venkatesan

Co Founder and CRO

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Target Market


Disruptions by Innovation @ Speed consistently & SAAS model

Client Segment


FMCG, Enterprise Tech, Manufacturing, Automotive, SaaS, Machine Learning

Target Companies


Large Enterprise, Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise


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Rostow Ravanan