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Modulus is transforming construction from a time consuming service industry into a DIY (Ikea type) Instant infrastructure using prefabrication and modular assembly line construction.
Basic Information
Modulus housing, founded in 2018 by two alumni from IIT Madras envisions to disrupt the construction industry using prefabrication and innovative, indigenous modular construction structures. Ethos of Modulus is embedded in strong design and product innovation. While Modulus products can potentially disrupt multiple industries like healthcare, disaster relief, defense, housing, oil & gas, construction, etc. Currently Modulus is focused on healthcare infrastructure and temporary structures for construction and oil & gas sites. In health care with regulations and approvals taking months if not years of time and lots of resources(monetary and non-monetary), MediCAB (a product of Modulus) has the potential to open a hospital in less than a day anywhere, anytime.
Legal Name
Debrique creative labs private limited
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Business Model
B2B,  B2G  
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Core Team
Shree Ram Ravichandran
Co-Founder & CEO
Gobinath P
Co-Founder & COO