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Native Organica is a Gurgaon based organic food brand committed to Quality and Transparency. Most people cant define organic. Organic foods has chemicals but permissible levels. We educate and provide experiential way for our customers to shop.
Basic Information
Native Organica - Native signifies desi, traditional, purely Indian. Organica denotes chemical free, unblended, purely/truly nutritious. These are the dominant themes on which Native Organica has been founded. Purity of intent, ingredients and ethnic process is the only blend that Native Organica stands for. They use a Wooden Kacchi Ghani for their edible oils and a Natural Stone slow Chakki in shop for full transparency during the process. The endeavor in doing so, is to provide a dependable and trustworthy alternative to the highly blended, synthetically processed and cheaper variants of daily staple food ingredients. Native Organica offers staple food products which can guarantee a healthier lifestyle for you and your family and avoid the unseen damage of using popular but unhealthy products in the current market.
Legal Name
Native Organica
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Business Model
Founding Date
10th Mar 2021
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Core Team
Rajiv Jain
Founder & CEO
Sparsh Jain
Production Manager
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Target Market
We aspire to make positive change in people's health, mental health and happiness quotient. Right food not only immediately benefits your physical well being but also improves mental state and how and what you think. As per Ayurveda, food directly impacts your inner self. We welcome each and every person to come to us and understand why Natural Stone Cold Pressed Flour / Atta is extremely essential or why a Wood Pressed is better than just Cold Pressed Oils, why your oils and ghee and other liquid products should not be store in plastic containers and many more such insights. Good quality has a cost but we believe this cost should be affordable. The cost of switching to healthy food as what we offer is not more than Rupees 200-300 per member of the family. The economics of switching to organic food is not great that you feel difficult to try.
User Age
26 to 34  
User Income
Upper-middle Income  
Native Organica processes / produces most of its product ourselves. This is as believe that outsourcing does not guarantee Quality and consistency. There fore we have enough production capacity to supply our B2B partners, franchise owners and white label B2B customers.
Client Segment
Target Companies
Small Enterprise  
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