NayakTime philosophy advocates that humans should spend all their time on things that are important and that lead them to their purpose and happiness.

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NayakTime is a philosophy. It is a way to see time, not to read it, but rather to track it. To use the concept of time, as a reminder about our inevitable death. And to use the thought of our mortality to live better lives. The launching product of NayakTime philosophy is wristwatches that track the time that is remaining for our day to end. The hands turn in an anti-clockwise direction and go towards zero on the clock as they move towards the end of the day. The idea behind NayakTime is that- They should spend their time on things that are important and lead them to their purpose, happiness, and fulfillment. And NayakTime watches will be a constant reminder of that philosophy on our wrists and walls. See more

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NextGen Solutions



Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Rounak Nayak

Founder & Chief Magician

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