Pelican Essentials

Pelican Essentials is the most inventive, comfortable, and timeless furniture engineered for your life and living room.
Pelican Essentials aims to be the largest online-only home improvement products company in India. They are designing products for a large set of customers that are looking forward to purchasing home products hassle-free online. These customers right now are offered a huge set of products online that are highly opaquely priced, and opaquely characterized. The company want to change that. They are trying to bring a sense of brandedness, fair pricing and standardization with selected catalogs in various home categories like tables, sofas and shelves. What makes them unique Pelican Essentials is a product-first home essentials company. They design very thoughtful products that are flat-packed, simple, adaptable, and affordable. All their current products are completely self assemblable with no tools required.They want to bring certainty in online-furniture buying, and differentiate themselves by designing only a few highly researched products and going deep into the market with these products. For example, their current tables are one of the sturdiest in the market, yet requires only 2 minutes to assemble with any tools.
  • E-Commerce
  • Furniture & Home decor
    Bangalore, Karnataka, , India