Q UP is a health tech platform with the core objective of creating convenience for all the stakeholders. From reducing high wait times in OPD, effective communication, disease specific knowledge & EMR management, Q UP automates all for Doctor& Patient. See more

Basic Information

Indians waste 547 years of equivalent time sitting in OPD waiting for their turn to come. Close to 1.4 crore patients visit Doctors every day in India with complete uncertainty about their turn to see Doctor in huge crowd. Q UP is on mission to primarily reduce this high waiting time & bring in amazing experience for all the stakeholders in healthcare delivery system. Automated processes & communication brings in never before achieved engagement & desired results for Doctors and Patients. End to end process management and white labeled personalized app boosts Doctor’s brand identity. It is carving the path for Doctors to be “AATMANIRBHAR DOCTOR” when it comes to Digital solutions. See more

Legal Name


3409Tech ventures Pvt ltd



Pune, Maharashtra, India

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Rahul Sawant

Co Founder


Vishal Bhosale

Co Founder & Director


Santoshi (Pujari) Sawant

Co Founder & Director