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There are many interesting things to discover in Run 2 that encourage players to continue playing. Play as a little gray alien and race through the mysterious tunnel.
Basic Information
Slope is an addictive casual platform game in which you direct a 3D ball running downhill in a futuristic neon setting. To advance, you have to avoid hitting red obstacles while keeping the ball on the platforms. Slope Game is well-liked by players, and they always come back to set a new record. There is no definitive end to Slope Game, only limitless thrills and fun!
Legal Name
Business Model
Founding Date
No. of Employees
41 to 60
Core Team
Mr. Mike
Target Market
With additional levels and captivating gameplay, Run 2 will keep you hooked for hours to come!
User Age
35 to 45  
User Income
Lower-middle Income