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The Institute of Languages & Skills (TILS) is an educational start-up to root-up the biggest problem of India 'unemployability' even after having a dignified degree. TILS endeavors to help students know the real purpose of their life existentially.
Basic Information
The Institute of Languages & Skills (TILS) is an educational endeavour to build survival skills and life values in youth to ensure happy, prosperous and fearless life. Their motive is to make everyone self-reliant in work and resolved in behaviour to determine complain-free human, prosperous families, fearless society & harmonious nature. TILS is wholly devoted to become the true contributor to the real education. It is determined to spread education, motivation, enhancement of skills & most importantly to help students and even stressed professional to discover their real purpose of life.TILS has a motive to ignite the young minds to dream big and never stop. TILS encourages mind set of students to live life for pioneer goals & to clinch lofty heights.
Legal Name
TILS - The Institute of Languages & Skills
Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India
Business Model
Founding Date
1st Feb 2017
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Core Team
Abhilash Modi
Abhishek Kankria
Co-Founder and CMO
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Target Market
When the impact is seen in students living then our Education can be called successful.
User Age
Less than 18,  18 to 25,  26 to 34,  35 to 45,  More than 60,  46 to 60  
User Income
Lower-middle Income  
We teach English Language and Personality Development in Online & Offline mode to students from age 10 to 70. We have had a rich experience not only in teaching but also in research work as well.
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Target Companies
Startup,  Small Enterprise,  Medium Enterprise,  Large Enterprise  
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