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United Industries is a partner for high-quality customised plastic injection moulding solutions catering to customers in diverse sectors.
Basic Information
United Industries manufactures customised plastic injection moulding solutions. Their vision is to use technology to create smart factories where machines communicate and cooperate with humans in real time. Plastic injection moulding machines at United Industries are outfitted with visual indicator sensors that inform operators about the status of critical machine components. These indications enable timely action by the operator and ensure that the machine operates at its full capacity. United Industries has introduced Route Tags to track and monitor the status of moulded parts. Route Tags highlight the route that moulded parts need to take. They can either be “Waiting for Inspection”, “Waiting for Assembly” or land up as “Finished Goods (FG)”. Marking routes also helps estimate the time spent by parts in different areas.
Legal Name
United Industries Plastic Pvt Ltd
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Founding Date
No. of Employees
151 to 250
Core Team
Karthik Krishnan
Chief Executive Offier
Keerthi Mahalingam